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[Taiwanese Brand] "inno" gold double thread braided bracelet-Diana

Sale price$4,680.00


Diana bracelet

The golden double-threaded braided bracelet with Swarovski pearls on the asymmetric edge spins around its own dance steps in a unique and elegant way.

"I like to be a free spirit. Some don't like that, but that's the way I am." -Princess Diana

The inner diameter of the bracelet is about 15-17 cm. When choosing the size, it is recommended to be 0.5-1 cm wider than the actual hand circumference.
(The measurement size is based on the thinnest point of the bracelet)

inno is an independent studio, and all our jewelry is handmade.
If you need custom sizes, please contact us before placing an order.
Since each jewelry is handmade, it will be shipped within approximately 2-6 weeks after ordering.
When ordering, you can inquire about the delivery date first. Urgent orders are also welcome to inquire and discuss.

Maintenance instructions:
a. Please keep jewelry dry and avoid contact with water, alcohol and other volatile liquids.
b. Please do not wear it when taking a bath. Some woven beads contain pure silver. Please avoid wearing them when taking a bath in a hot spring. Wear it or get close to it.
c. When not wearing, please store it in a sealed jewelry bag. If it gets dusty, please use soft-bristled teeth to remove it. Just wipe it clean with a brush or a silver cloth.

[Taiwanese Brand] "inno" gold double thread braided bracelet-Diana
[Taiwanese Brand] "inno" gold double thread braided bracelet-Diana Sale price$4,680.00