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The most popular first-line design brand of Japanese "woven bags"

"Natural Material × Idea"


ikot is a leading Japanese woven bag design brand with a long-standing manufacturing presence in the Philippines. The brand's philosophy is to blend the spirit of Japanese craftsmen with the rich natural materials and cultural creativity in Philippines.

The word 'ikot' comes from a Tagalog word which reflect the image of twining and connecting. The designs express the free minded ideas and connecting them to natural materials embraced by Philippines’ nature. Aiming to create the bags to be loved for long time with care, we twine the passion of each craftsmen to our items. ikot is the brand for all the people who have free thoughts and live naturally as who they are.

ikot is a sustainable and slow fashion brand. The brand's specialty is to combine natural fibers with leather textures. ikot's woven bags extensively use natural materials in the Philippines, such as rattan, raffia, and abaca, and incorporate them with cowhide leather.

Therefore, ikot woven bags are proud of their practicality and durability in daily life more than any other natural fiber woven bags on the market. Each bag is carefully crafted to withstand the test of time, providing long-lasting, stylish designs.

Rooted in the concept of "monozukuei," a Japanese term for artisan craftsmanship, ikot embraces the notion of slow, thoughtful fashion creation amidst rapidly changing trends. ikot's founder Aoki envisions each classic ikot woven bag aging gracefully over time and enduring as a timeless symbol of sustainable fashion.