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[Japanese brand] "ikot" classic series- "THE" Rattan shoulder/hand bag

Sale price$6,850.00

[Japanese craftsman designer’s point of view]

This bag is an advanced version of ikot's familiar apron-inspired rattan bag that incorporates a leather design version and is added to ikot's classic rattan "THE" product series. It has unprecedented functions and a design that you won’t be able to put down once you use it. It is suitable for creating an elegant and unique style in the city and also takes into account the functionality of the bag!

It adopts an apron-style design woven from natural rattan, and the inner zipper is made of soft leather. It is a design item that combines natural and different materials that ikot, the first-line Japanese woven bag brand, is good at, creating a sense of adult luxury and presenting its exquisite style. Craftsmanship. This bag is designed with a zipper, so you can rest assured that your personal belongings inside will not be seen. The zipper bag features open pockets on 4 sides for easy access to your smartphone and other small items. The 2-way design can be carried by hand or on the shoulder, and the leather strap on the shoulder strap is removable. The zipper puller uses ikot's original silver metal hardware, giving it a sophisticated feel. Fashion-forward design.

ikot classic rattan "THE" handmade series

The "THE" series is ikot's unique classic [rattan x leather] bag style. It has been highly praised since the beginning of the ikot series. It has continuously introduced new product lines. The ikot classic rattan "THE" series has always been loved by consumers in Osaka and Tokyo, Japan. This is a collection of rattan bags that create your own unique style and are practical all year round. Each ikot rattan bag is carefully crafted by weavers, who handcraft it slowly and slowly, allowing users to enjoy the style, taste and excellent quality that can only be achieved by hand weaving.

Project: IK222001
Color: black×black/caramel×black Size: W30 H22 D14
Material: rattan/cowhide Interior: zipper pocket 1
Outside: 4 open pockets

*Due to the nature of natural materials, sizes and colors may vary slightly.

color:caramel x black
[Japanese brand] "ikot" classic series- "THE" Rattan shoulder/hand bag
[Japanese brand] "ikot" classic series- "THE" Rattan shoulder/hand bag Sale price$6,850.00